Dr. Majd Naji


Who is

Dr. Majd Naji ?

Dr. Majd Naji's expertise as a Cosmetic Dentist is recognized both locally and internationally. Celebrities from the music, movie and political domains come to Dubai for his care from all over the world. Recognition of his skills is evidenced by his ever-growing list of VIP patients and pristine reputation.

His care of patients referred to him with dental deformities has been reported in many Pan Arab and International TV channels and magazines. He has been featured in serveral high-profile integrated marketing campaigns for some of the most renowned global dental brands.



Dr. Majd is the most seen doctor on the TV screens of the Arab world, in which he has always been the primary choice of all the make over TV shows specially on Dubai TV and MBC

Apart from that, many TV documentarieswere made about Dr. Majd's success and achievements. The most recent of them all was a docomentary that appeared on a German TV show called Galileo, which is currently the 5th most viewed show in the world.


Dr. Majd Naji is featured on most of the Arabmagazine covers, and he's the first person to ever appear on the cover of the international magazine Dental Labor.

Dr. Majd Naji an international Dental pioneer


Dr. Majd Naji is the first choice of all the A-list celebrities in the Middle East, and that's not just limited to the Arab world, as healso gained the trust of many political personalities and international celebrities such as the legendary music producer Redone and Fabio Cannavaro the captain of the italian football team and winner of the FIFA World Cup 2006.

As Dubai is known to be the record breaker, Dr. Majd decided to follow the same path in the world of dentistry and he created the world's mostexpensive smile at AED 550,000 which took the world by strom, and got all the daily newspapers from around the world talking about it, where even lady Gaga and Floyd Mayweather both got in contact with Liberty Dental Clinic to order the same smile for themselves

Creator of The World's Most Expensive Smile

Awards & Honors

Dr Majd Naji   is known to be responsible member of the society in which he has always been fully committed towards supporting all the various sectors of the society in the UAE and abroad, and thus he launched the Liberty Charity Initiative, where he donates AED 1,000,000 yearly to aid several charity organizations around the world.

Brand Ambassador

Due to the highest standards that Dr. Majd has been presenting for several years, he was proudly chosen by several international co mpanies to be their ambassador and face of media in the Middle East region.

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